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About Us

Quantum Lifestyle Furnishings, LLC was created in 2012 to provide unique home and office furnishings for your life.

The Quantum journey started in Firenze, Italy in 1972. While studying Architecture, Bob was inspired by this wonderful, old-world city of amazing art and inspiring culture. During dinner with relatives, he was shown a puzzle that intrigued his imagination. After several restless nights of mystical intrigue, the Quantum Table was born.

A timeless and elegant art-form, the table embodies the structural element of interlocking metal legs, yet it has an ethereal quality; creating the illusion that the finely finished wood legs are not connected, but still support the “floating” table top.

We have created two distinctively unique table designs that will not only appeal to your senses, but will intrigue your imagination. Mystique, is triangular in shape, providing a mysteriously uncomplicated look, yet appealing to the senses. Intrigue, is square in shape, intriguing the imagination with its complex array of elements. Currently only the coffee table design is available as shown. We are working on other coffee table, pub table, and dining table versions.

The metal brackets are made of steel in Bright Chrome, Black Chrome, Black Nickel, Pearl Nickel, and 24K Gold finish. The wood legs are made of domestic Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Satin Black Maple; and imported Zebrawood, an exotic African species. Other domestic and imported wood species and paint colors are available upon request. All wood members have a lacquered finish. Glass tops are in various sizes.

We hope you like our exciting, new table concept. Enjoy one in your life!

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